Posted by: Frank Angelo Cavaluzzi | January 22, 2011

The Inspiration Behind Cycling for a Cause

This past week I had the opportunity to go back and review an interview I did during my Pittsburgh to DC Standing Cyclist Mesothelioma Challenge Event in September of 2010. One section in particular stood out to me. At one point I stated that “we don’t need to be afflicted with something to get involved and make a difference”. I’ve since played that section over in my mind many times, to better understand exactly what I meant (I had just completed a 320 mi “seatless” bicycle tour on a single-speed, fixed-gear bike, for the cause and was a bit fried to say the least). I’ve revisited this subject with several supporters since and have decided to blog about this topic to add clarity and depth to my point. When it comes to supporting non-profit organizations, we tend to get involved because we ourselves or someone close to us has suffered from a related challenge. I believe this to be an important reason behind our actions and it should be encouraged whenever possible. But there are other, more subtle, reasons to get involved. I would like to encourage everyone, cyclists and non-cyclists alike, to consider the strangers you encounter on your life’s journey and their challenges. Open your mind and hearts and consider how they inspire you. Imagine how you can get involved and make a difference in their lives, in your own unique way. Like the young person with a prosthetic leg you pass on the street. Perhaps you can get involved with CAF (the Challenged Athletes Foundation), a wonderful organization that helps physically challenged athletes pursue their passions. Consider the article you read about the visually impaired mountain bikers who stay on-track by reading the sounds reflecting off passing objects. You may be inspired to Google – blind mountain bikers – where you will discover the World Access for the Blind, an organization that hosts a special event called Mountain Biking with the Blind, that you can contribute to. You don’t need to personally know a challenged individual or physically connect with a cause to “feel” something or to “do” something. Often, these random connections and amazing people I meet in passing are my greatest inspiration and fuel my adventures. Let’s strive to open our eyes and see past our own lives. Then…get on your bike and ride! Make a positive difference in the world around you.



  1. Nice blog…. I’m going to train for a half-marathon in support of womens cancer with my wife who is a 10 year cancer survivor in November. We will probably do several biking events for cause to this year. A seatless ride is way more than I’m thinking I could do. My hats off to you on that deal.

    • Great stuff Mark! Many congrats to you and your wife on her 10th year cancer free. Seatless touring for charity is quite difficult and I would not necessarily recommend it. Just getting out there in some way for a special cause is an important accomplishment in itself. We all do what we can, to make a difference. I happen to stand. Please keep me posted on your 2011 events. Best of luck to you both. Keep up the great work!

  2. Excellent – Frank always moving forward

    • Still believing Larry! Still standing! Best of luck on your upcoming event. I know it will be fantastic. I’ll keep spreading the word.

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