Welcome! Standing Cyclist is a blog authored by me, “seatless” bicycle tourist Frank Angelo Cavaluzzi. Yes, I train and tour without a seat and seatpost to raise awareness and funds for special causes around the world. The obvious question – Why do I ride seatless? Well, I suffer from allergic asthma and originally I began riding upright to help open up my diaphragm and ease my breathing. Soon after seeing how much attention this attracted, I decided to start training and touring standing up throughout various parts of the world, to help support special causes such as Stand Up To Cancer, The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation and Action Against Asbestos. Since 2005, I’ve journeyed around places such as Ireland, Iceland, Lake Champlain, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and Washington DC just to name a few.

Standing Cyclist

Pittsburgh to D.C. for Mesothelioma Awareness

In 2008, I founded StandingCyclist.com, a unique website dedicated to educating and inspiring other cyclists to train and participate in bicycle fundraising events in the USA and abroad. Since that time I have connected with many recreational and competitive athletes, of all types, from around the globe both during solo Standing Cyclist tours and remotely via the web.

Early in 2014, I had decided to expand Standing Cyclist to include other athletic endeavors rather than restrict it to cycling. Shorty after that, l pulled together all-things-Standing Cyclist under one Team heading…resulting in TeamStandingCyclist.com. In short, Team SC is a grouping of amateur and professional athletes who bicycle, run, walk, climb, swim…as a tribute or to raise awareness and funds for special causes/charities, around the globe. TeamStandingCyclist.com pulls together:

It has been my great pleasure to combine my lifelong passion for cycling with a burning desire to make a difference.  I hope to continue my seatless journey for the remainder of my days and look forward to sharing details and stories of the many exciting, sometimes medically challenged, individuals I meet along the way. One mile, one breath at a time. Peace-Frank Angelo Cavaluzzi


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